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Androids and iPhones: The Best Apps to Kickstart Your 2020!

As 2020 has just set in, most of the people among us are already done with making new year resolutions and most probably they have started working on them. The point is, we categorize all those people into two groups; the ones looking forward to opportunities that help in achieving resolutions through intention-setting, while others just sit ad move to the digital world seeking help. Of course, we will be talking about the second category of people. As technology is being the prominent part of the era, we, therefore, tend to discuss the apps that are designed for making your 2020 healthier, calmer, and smarter.

Without any delay, make the most of your smartphones and check the following best apps to kickstart your 2020.

1.    Happify

Bring positivity and optimism in your life this year, download Happify, one of the best apps that are loaded with games and meditation to kick negativity, stress, and anxiety from your life, and replace them with optimism and self-esteem. All of the tasks provided are there to help you feel happier. Its specialty is that it keeps a check on your progress with a mood chart. It is workable on iPhones and Android both with $14.95 per month.

2.    Calm

What makes it among the best apps is that it focuses on the mental health of the individual which is lacking on most of the people nowadays. It has mindfulness tools comprising of meditations and different courses. Also, it facilitates you before bed with sleep stories, cool music and nature scenes to keep you focused and relax. There is also a mental health program in collaboration with NBA star LeBron James who thinks meditation as a core of mindfulness. It is for iPhones and Android users both at $14.99 per month.

3.    Duolingo

If you have put learning a new language in your resolution, then you can give this app a try.  We all know learning something new, be it a language, can trigger your mental ability and power, and is known to increase brain size. Duolingo helps you learn a language anytime anywhere. It has 27 different languages for English-speakers to choose from and have personalized games to master in your language. Though it is free for both iPhone and Android users, it is also available for $6.99 for the ad-free version, monthly.

4.    TED app

While most of us want to be more productive this year, having such the best apps might help us in that regard. Sometimes, when you just don’t want to listen to any podcast while traveling or something, you can always switch to the TED app to watch and reflect through TED Talk. You can download many talks as much as you want and based on your preferences the app suggests what you should watch next. It offers 20 different languages other than English for subtitles. It is for free on both iPhones and Androids.

5.    Aaptiv

This is one of the best apps used for workout and exercise. All you need is to download it and grab a pair of headphones. It is an audio-guided workout app. The features of Aaptiv are yoga, running, boxing, elliptical, with a different playlist for each. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it sets easy routines for everyone. It is packed with motivation as every week, the app adds 30 new workouts in it. Provided with $9.99 a month, Aaptiv is compatible with both iPhones and Androids.


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